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Jun 20, 2007

Apr 8, 2005
University of Waterloo
"Evenings with the Stars" Lecture series
K-W Royal Astronomical Society
The future of observational astronomy in Canada

The formation and evolution of galaxies
April 9, 2014

April 7, 2014

July 11, 2012

July 25, 2011

Oct 9, 2009

Apr 1, 2009

Nov 29, 2007

Nov 23, 2007

Nov 21, 2007

July 19, 2007

Jan 10, 2007

Aug 2, 2006

Oct 25, 2005

Nov 4, 2004

Aug 9-13, 2004

April 15, 2004

Mar 12-16, 2004

Nov 3,5, 2003

Oct 8, 2003

July 2, 2003

May 5-7, 2003

March 25, 2003

Jan 12-16, 2003

Oct 30, 2002

Aug 22, 2000

May, 2000

Nov, 1999

May 1999

Sept 1998
Seminar, University of Birmingham

Seminar, Liverpool John Moores University

Invited Review, Union College, Schenectady, NY

Invited Review, Lorentz Centre

Seminar, Laval University

Invited Review, Galaxy Evolution and Environment, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Colloquium, University of Western Ontario

Colloquium, St. Mary's University

Colloquium, Michigan State Unmiversity

Invited Review; Galaxy Growth in a Dark Universe, Heidelberg


Review Talk: Cosmic Frontiers, Durham, UK

Review Talk: Ringberg Workshop: Distant Clusters of Galaxies

Invited Seminar: Swinburne Centre for
Astrophysics and Supercomputing

Conference: "The Environments of Galaxies:
from Kiloparsecs to Megaparsecs", Chania, Crete

Oxford University

IAU Colloquium no. 195, Torino

BIRS Workshop

Seminar, University of Nottingham

Cooling in Cosmology Workshop, Birmingham

Grantecan OSIRIS Workshop, La Palma

Waterloo, Ontario

Ringberg, Germany

University of Birmingham, UK

VC3, University of Victoria, Canada

TMR Meeting, Porquerolles, France

University of Durham, UK

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA

Northwest Cosmology Meeting
Friday Harbour, WA
What satellite galaxy evolution tells us about the baryon cycle of galaxies

What satellite galaxy evolution tells us about the baryon cycle of galaxies

Galaxy groups and clusters at high redshift

Galaxy Evolution in Groups and Clusters

Galaxy groups: driving galaxy evolution since z=1

Galaxy groups and intermediate-density environments

Preventing star and galaxy formation

Driving downsizing with galaxy groups

Driving downsizing with galaxy groups

The important role of galaxy groups

Preventing star and galaxy formation

The coordinated growth of stars, haloes and large-scale structure since z=1

The influence of environment on galaxy populations

"How to kill a galaxy"

"Galaxy properties in different environments"

"The role of environment on galaxy evolution"

"Clusters at low redshift"

"Galaxies in low density environments"
"Entropy generation in the ICM"

"Galaxies in low density environments"

"Entropy in the ICM"

"Multi-Object Spectroscopy: Science Applications"
"Multi-Object Spectroscopy: Preparing and Carrying
out a MOS Observation"

"Multi-Object Spectroscopy: Data Reduction"

"The physics of galaxy formation"

"Evidence for non-gravitational heating from
Sunyaev-Zeldovich Observations"

"Galaxy Ecology"

"The Strangulation of Cluster Galaxies" (talk)
"Generating Entropy - Hot Gas in Groups & Clusters" (discussion panel)

"Observations of H-alpha in Moderate Redshift Clusters"

"Star Formation in Galaxy Clusters"

"A New Look At Cluster Galaxy Evolution"

"Star Formation in Galaxy Clusters"
July 20, 2012
Aug 9, 2006

May 15, 2005
Oct 10, 2003
June 10,13, 2003
April 9, 2003
Feb 14, 2003
April 12, 2002
March 23, 2001
Sept 9, 2000
Aug 12, 2000
April, 2000
May 1998
Gemini Science Meeting, San Francisco, USA
MPE Conference, Heating vs. Cooling in Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies, Garching, Germany
CASCA 2005, Montreal
University of Durham, Internal seminar
University of Tokyo and NAOJ (Japan)
NAM 2003 (Dublin)
Victoria, BC
Cozumel, Mexico
NOAO, Tucson AZ
TMR Meeting, Durham UK
University of Birmingham, UK
UNSW and AAO, Epping, Australia
Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
Galaxy evolution in z=1 groups: The Gemini GEEC2 Survey
Entropy generation in cluster mergers

"The evolution of galaxy groups"
"Groups and low density environments in the SDSS and 2dFGRS"
"Galaxy Ecology"
"Galaxy groups and the star formation history of the Universe"
"Galaxy Ecology"
"Galaxy Evolution: Internally or Externally Driven?"
"Ultra-Multiplex Observations of Halpha in Clusters with LDSS++"
"The spatial and kinematic distributions of cluster galaxies"
"Modeling accretion-induced gradients in rich galaxy clusters"
"Observing and Modelling Gradients in Galaxy Clusters"
"Star Formation in Cluster Galaxies"
April 8-12, 2002
July 2000
March 2000

May 1998
Cozumel, Mexico
Institute d'Astrophysique de Paris
XVI IAP Conference, Paris

XIV IAP Conference, Paris
"Modified Entropy Models of the ICM"
"Galaxy Evolution in Poor Groups"
"Population Gradients in Galaxy Clusters"
"Preheated Gas in Galaxy Clusters"
"The X--ray Temperature and Luminosity Function of Galaxy Groups"
"Star Formation in Galaxy Clusters"